untiemyhands: (of decay)

"No, I don't like to trick people."

"But when we're about to be fooled, the situation unties our hands."

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Name:The Impostress | ssertoveD ehT
This is the story of a thief that chose her past, and a blind weapon transformed into a free worker of wonders.

i came out of the earth because you need to stop

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anna angel, babelfish translations, blood, bribes, bulls, cryptic bullshit, do you hear metal tinkling, dualistic tendencies, dub steppe, earth, griff being awful, hooks, how does twyrine taste anyway, humility, lara ravelle, martyrs, maybe artmey, maybe danko, maybe saburovs, not dying, not starving, plague cures, plagues, rubin, screw destiny, searching bins, self preservation, taking a third option, the law is for punks, thievery, your arteries asplode
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