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1 The only outfit she's ever owned; her clothes from ingame.

2 Her itty bitty derringer, with a small cache of bullets.

3 A lockpick.

4 Four bottles of twyrine.

5 A single disease-ridden rat.

6 A handful of fishing hooks.

^ original six items.

CR Chart

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oh god where did you all come from-

This CR Chart is Sterile, I Promise

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The mud of the Gorkon's bank made needy grabs at her boots, as Klara took careful steps down to the water's edge. She wanted to gaze into her own face, as it would be reflected by the spine of the town – she wanted to see if it would tell her anything, some portent she was owed as new Mistress of the earth.

The water had been churned some time prior to her arrival. It showed merely billowing silt, a useless and languid mixture that stole away any revelation she might have sought. This – portentous in itself – was ignored or even rejected by Klara. Put out, she willfully kicked at the river's bed, setting the tiny sediments into a greater frenzy.

Nevertheless, Gorkon's banks made a good place to stall and stay out of sight; she was small and blended in well with the colors of the earth. Perhaps it was no longer necessary to hide like this, and her skulking might inspire worse circumstances for herself. She should not be antsy to walk with her head held high through these streets, because her place here was a rightful one. She was no thief – now or ever!

Klara considered all this as she watched the swirls of distressed particles in the water, outwardly chaotic, inwardly carried forward by an echo of the motion that first propelled them. Tracing the course of these drowned clouds invigorated her, in some abstract way.

...She supposed she had lingered long enough. Klara climbs just as carefully up and away from the river as she had descended down beside it, and once free, rubs her hands together to dry and dislodge the dirt.

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It's a bull,
and it's called "Bos Turokh."

Considering Klara's ending, it'd have the town on its back AND the Polyhedron sticking out of it like a giant spiky tick.

Probably absorbs earth? Much less/absolutely no focus on Mudo now.

But who or what is Bos Turokh?

In the words of Rubin, "The Bull of the World. The one that Universe itself was made of. Everything that happens within this being, every vital process and its every form are signs and symbols that reflect everything that will ever exist. All the creatures carry this knowledge inside them, but The Great Bull embodies it fully!"
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What is the Impostress? ) LVL (1) | THE WORLD

Klara  | | CHARACTER LVL (1)

►  Slumpa (40% chance of inflicting the Sick ailment on one target.(2 turns))
►  Evil Touch (40% chance of inflicting the Fear ailment on one target.(2 turns))
►  Mudo (30% chance of instant KO from the power of Dark on one enemy.)
►  Magna (Deal low Earth damage to one enemy.)
▷  Tarunda (Halves an enemy's Attack . (1 turn))
▷  Mamudo (20% chance of instant KO from the power of Dark on all enemies.)
▷  Mamagnara (Deal medium Earth damage on all enemies (Requires a small earth skill).)
▷  Marakunda (Decreases all enemies' Defense by 25%.(1 turn))
★   Sand Plague (Deal low Earth damage to all enemies, with a 40% chance of inflicting the Sick ailment.(2 turns))
►  Ailment Amp (All status ailment attacks are 1.5 times more effective.)
▷  Mudo Amp (Darkness-based attacks are 1.5 times more effective.)
▷  Dual Shadow (25% chance of the character repeating the attack they just performed. ) 



What is the Impostress?

For one, it's another title for Klara herself! The exact origins of the moniker are very difficult to trace - Klara certainly didn't make it up. The first place I've been able to trace it to is the name being thrown by another possible player character, Artemiy Burakh, who I am certain would have heard it from someone else first. So the name propagated among people largely before Klara even met them, and it stuck.

Interpreting it this way, it means that very many people built up a persona of what Klara was like before even coming into contact with her. Old legends were dug up and whispered all over again. Shabnak-adyr, they said, but mostly it was "Impostress." The Impostress began to represent everything that the panicking populace wanted to pin on this mysterious, other girl - because frankly, she WAS observed doing very suspicious things.

So, the Impostress Persona is everything Klara was blamed to be. The plague bearer. A creature spat out from the earth. A thief who transgressed the Law, whatever it was.

Appearance wise, it literally looks just like Klara, but with creepy buttons over her eyes because of Meta
To somewhat illustrate the confusing dichotomy the game sets up between Klara and the Impostress, this is the information you're greeted with upon starting her storyline. Notably the Impostress is in this referring to Klara herself, as she wakes up literally in an open grave. The line between who is 'the fake' or the derivative out of the two is played with and blurred.

So what better to be her other self than her other self?
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Out Of Character Information
Name: Matchre | [personal profile] scorpiontails
Age: 19
Time zone: EST (GMT -4)
Contact: [ profile] matchre   [ profile] zazozaliad 
Anything we should know?:

Here be textwalls. )
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- Klara has several powers of note.
1 - With a simple hand motion, she can make blood spray violently from a target's body. I can understand being squicked at this, so if you'd rather I keep it far away from you/your character, say such.

2 - She can hypnotize people into telling only what they know as truth, by knowing a) their real name, and b) a powerful secret about them. Obviously, this WILL NOT occur without prior discussion and planning! If you're interested in it, ping me here.

3 - Klara is a literal living plague. Through physical contact with her, it is possible - though not guaranteed, as it often works As The Plot Demands - to contract and begin incubating the awful disease known as the Sand Plague, a bacteria that attacks the blood cells. It is not infectious in its initial stage. It will give the sickened a cough, wooziness, some pain. The incubation can be delayed and fought via the administration of powerful antibiotics. But when the illness reaches its second, infectious stage, the victim is wracked by horrible, sanity-eroding pain. It's reputed that at this stage it "boils the blood," and is typified by copious bleeding from your, well, everywhere.

Sand Plague is only present in living tissue. As soon as the afflicted dies, it swiftly vanishes.

Klara is not a touchy person and will not initiate physical contact unless it is utterly necessary. If you're interested in making your character become horribly ill and later infectious, we can discuss that here as well.

This is what infected blood looks like:



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cut! )


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